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Increase Your Revenue

Boost Your Conversions

Act on Customer Data

Personalize and automate Email, SMS and Social campaigns using eCommerce shopping behavior and real-time data.

Convert website visitors into shoppers with effective email follow-ups after a visitor viewed a product and didn't purchase.

Maximize the value of every customer by engaging them and building long-term relationships using data-driven marketing.

Drive more revenue with omnichannel marketing automation

Email, SMS and Social Media integration

Our omnichannel marketing automation platform empowers you to create powerful personalized and automated emails, SMS and MMS marketing campaigns, using eCommerce shopping behavior and real-time data, all in one platform. 

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Easily integrate with any eCommerce platform

An easy-to-use platform for eCommerce Email Marketing Automation.

Email   |   SMS   |   Social 

Purpose-built for eCommerce, Remarkety draws on shopping behavior to segment customers and apply predictive algorithms. It gives you the tools you need to create & deliver highly captivating, data-driven campaigns that propel customers to action and drive revenue. Your revenue growth is a click away with Remarkety. Integration is quick and easy. 

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Win more sales

Product recommendation 

Marketing automation doesn’t need to be complicated. Create personalized messages based on what your customers want leveraging eCommerce data, A.I. product recommendations, and personalized coupons to gain customer loyalty.

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Streamline your eCommerce marketing automation.

Use Industry-leading segmentation and targeting tools

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Go beyond email marketing. Combine email and SMS to drive higher conversions. Integrate SMS/MMS marketing with your email automation strategy to deliver the content your customers want, where they want it.  Create and deliver personalized, hyper-targeted campaigns at scale - all from the Remarkety platform. 

Do more with customer list segmentation

Advance Personalization & Segmentation

Segment customers based on their shopping behavior to improve conversions with targeted, personalized emails, and SMS/MMS messages.

Remarkety makes customer targeting and personalization easier than ever by using your existing customer data and on-site behavior to segment, including: unique customer tagging, shopping behavior, website engagement, and previous campaign analytics.

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Empowering your eCommerce


A/B/C testing

Abandoned Cart Recovery 

Multi-Channel Platform


Reputation Guard

Product Recommendations

Advanced Customer Segmentation

Dynamic Coupons

Get personal through automated messages that meet your audience where they are  – whether through email, SMS or social media. We’ve made it simple.

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Automate your marketing

Through cross-device cart recovery, track data all through one platform and optimize how to drive more engagement and conversion without ever leaving the Remarkety platform.

Keep customers coming back

Target and segment 

Put your audience at the center of your marketing through targeted, personalized messages. You even have the power to create personalized coupons with an expiration date to encourage use.


Advanced customer

cart recovery

Use A.I. and machine learning to optimize personalized product recommendations and easily include them in any email.

Use existing customer data to better target your audience. Segment based on shopping behavior, website engagement, and more.

Set up automated cart abandonment emails or SMS/MMS messages to customers reminding them to continue with purchases even if the cart was built on another device.

Connect your store and scale

Grow beyond that first sale. Do more with your marketing automation using the power of predictive behavior. Once you connect your eCommerce, you will be able to build customer segments to help target audiences with personalized messaging and watch sales grow.

Connect your store and scale

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We believe that Data-driven and Behavioral marketing are the most effective ways to build and nurture customer relationships today. Our team solves the marketing challenges of eCommerce SMBs and helps businesses to increase revenue and drive more sales.

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